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Rolling Rock Software creates digital transformation platform focused on improving customer experience through innovation.

We enable companies and organizations around the globe to accurately authenticate customers, patients, users, things and employees through our patented technology and suite of products.

With an ever changing technology landscape, regulatory and interoperability requirements, product companies have to constantly innovate to stay competitive in the marketplace, Rolling Rock Software develops Innovative Software using Disruptive Technology.



Our solutions helps medical groups, health systems and payers leverage patient intake to achieve their strategic objectives. Our products strives to put innovative technology into the hands of patients to automate check-in and streamline front-office workflow


Our payment products enable payments across applications and makespayments simple, secure and reliable. Our solutions are designed to easily add secure payment acceptance capabilities into any application.

Internet of Things

We focus on IoT technologies to provides services to industries across the board through an integrative platform that supports real time location and tracking solutions. We offer several products and solutions to help improve the efficiency of a business Our IoT platform that enables the interconnection of physical and virtual worlds via a global digital network, enabling interactions between people, assets and locations. The BLE Mesh is a revolutionary approach to RTLS and this unique technology allows for low or no wi-fi area asset tracking by creating a mesh that enables a data to hop from one beacon to another. This is the ultimate answer to expensive asset/people/location tracking solutions.


Our enterprise solutions provide Unified Access Security to secure access to applications and data, no matter where the users are - on any device - from anywhere. For organizations of all sizes, our fully integrated security platform creates trust in users, devices and the applications they access to reduce the risk of a data breach and ensure trusted access to sensitive data.


API's for healthcare interoperability and beyond, enabling different information technology systems and software applications to communicate, exchange data, and use the information that has been exchanged.


CERTIFY Authenticator™ integrates into your current workflow and eliminates the need for customers to present IDs or other materials for verification. Our platform enables Multiple factors of authentication with focus on biometric authentication across key business processes and applications throughout your organization.

CERTIFY Care Platform Delivers Improved Patient Experience, Increased Practice Revenue and Real-Time Health Data Access. Care solution helps in simplifying patient engagement, driving financial and operational efficiencies for providers, or delivering aggregated health data in a structured view.

Onepay is a complete payment platform for businesss to Simply and securely integrate, accept and manage payments Onepay is focused on solving the gaps in payment processing in the every changing technology landscape to allow companies to focus on what they do best

CERTIFY SnapXT and CERTIFY.me platform provides advanced fever detection and thermal scanning solution.

Connect™ empowers healthcare providers to manage bi-directional interfaces between disparate HIT products and locations through a single platform. By leveraging the power of a gateway model and open API, Connect™ opens the door to true interoperability. Reduce costs, improve patient care, and ensure compliance

Rabbit is an IoT platform that enables the interconnection of physical and virtual worlds via a global digital network, enabling interactions between customers and merchants. Our signature solution is the use of real time tracking of assets and people that can be applied to a myriad of industries